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Find out more about the wonderful world of stained glass, its history and conservation.

Recommended Reading

  • Archer, Michael An Introduction to English Stained Glass (London, 1985).
  • Brisac, Catherine A Thousand Years of Stained Glass (London, 1986).
  • Brown, Sarah Stained Glass: An Illustrated History (London, 1992).
  • Brown, Sarah and Strobl, Sebastian A Fragile Inheritance: The Care of Stained Glass and Historic Glazing (London, 2002).Cowen, Painton. A Guide to Stained Glass in Britain (London, 1985).
  • Crampin, Martin. Stained Glass from Welsh Churches (Y Lolfa Cyf, 2014).
  • Donnelly, Michael. Scotland’s Stained Glass: Making the Colours Sing (Edinburgh, 1997).
  • Gordon Bowe, Nicola, Caron, David and Wynne, Michael. A Gazetteer of Irish Stained Glass (Dublin, 1988).
  • Liddall Armitage, E. Stained Glass (London, 1959).
  • Lee, Lawrence. The Appreciation of Stained Glass (Oxford, 1977).
  • Piper, John. Stained Glass: Art or Anti-art (London, 1968).
  • Raguin, Virgina The History of Stained Glass (London, 2003).
  • Read, Herbert English Stained Glass (London and New York, 1926).
  • Reyntiens, Patrick The Beauty of Stained Glass (London, 1990).
  • Westlake, N H J A History of Design in Painted Glass, 4 vols (Oxford, 1881-94; Facsimile reprint in 2 vols, Bristol, 2002).
  • Woodforde, Christopher. English Stained and Painted Glass (Oxford, 1954).


The British Society of Master Glass Painters (BSMGP), founded in 1921, is Britain’s only organisation devoted exclusively to the art and craft of stained glass. The BSMGP publish The Journal of Stained Glass annually.

The Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi (CVMA) is an international research project, founded in 1949, to publish all of the remaining medieval glass (up to 1540) in Europe and North America. On the website of the British CVMA, a useful glossary of terms can be found, together with a gallery of images of medieval stained glass, arranged by location.

Vidimus is the only online magazine devoted to medieval stained glass, run by the CVMA. It regularly features new research, news and events of interest. Editions appear monthly and subscription is free.


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